How to Build a Bookshelf Room Divider

Dec 6th

Bookshelf Room Divider – Before you hire an expensive contractor to build new walls, consider a room divider bookcase. Partition wall bookshelves keep the space open and bright, while providing a beautiful container for books. Take a look at the place where you will build your room divider book shelf. If so, consider the distance the shelves a little further apart than you would for a standard bookcase, which has about a 12-inch rack. Figure out the dimensions of your bookshelf-length of the boards and the distance between them. Remember that a support is needed for every 2 to -2. 5 meter shelf.

Wooden Bookshelf Room Divider
Wooden Bookshelf Room Divider

Cut two side pieces and a top and bottom of bookshelf room divider. Screw these pieces together to form the outer frame for your bookshelf. Pre-drill all the holes to prevent the wood splitting or cracking. For additional strength, apply a bead of wood glue, thread the screw boards together.  Mark those places where the shelves have to sit in pencil along the two upright sides of the frame. Remember to space the shelves as each shelf just space, up to the last shelf. Adjust your tags until each shelf is the same size, taking into account that the thickness of the boards to be included in.

Wooden Bookshelf Room Divider
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Put shelves to the frame with screws and glue, pre-drilling all holes. When you are finished you should have a sturdy bookcase with evenly spaced shelves. Use the same tree from which you made the frame and shelves for bookshelf room divider, cut full-sized pieces of wood to keep up shelves. These pieces should be the same size as the spacing, measured on the edge of the shelf, where the shelf meets the frame.

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