Cosmic Black Granite Fireplace Ideas

Nov 15th

Cosmic black granite – A granite fireplace is an elegant decorative element that will be the focal point of any room. Granite comes in a variety of colors, from black to an ethereal white powder. Granite is a natural material that can be cut into different forms and in combination with other products to create an impressive fireplace. Tile, Create a geometric look with granite tiles. Install contrast diamond inlays between tiles for a unique look. Find granite tile with veins and marbling areas that are accentuated when placed next to tiles with less of these brands. Or, choose a solid color for granite inlays diamond, for a geometric striking statement. Build an envelope of Cosmic Black Granite, and accentuate the beauty of black stone with a brick or tile color light firebox. Frame the black granite with a deep blanket of cherry wood, or a white, elaborately detailed precast concrete ledge. Or use black granite with white spots, with a blanket of white wood.

Top Cosmic Black Granite
Top Cosmic Black Granite

Granite is expensive. Save some money, and ask for leftover cosmic black granite tiles in stores or anywhere granite sold for decorative purposes, as the design of the kitchen and the counter stores. You may need to hire someone to cut the pieces of stone for you, so compare the difference between hiring a contractor and purchase ready to use tiles and slabs.

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Combine cosmic black granite and marble for ultra-rich stone fireplace. Granite and marble are both created by the intense heat and pressure, and go well together near a campfire. Put a shelf antique marble around a simple granite surround. Select-white marble with streaks of amber, combined with dark amber granite. Or think of black marble with white veins and cosmic black granite surround mottled gray and black.

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