Cut a Lapidus Granite Countertop

Dec 2nd

Lapidus granite – Granite is the hardest natural material can be chosen to your desk, so you expect cutting it harder to cut other materials. While that is true to some extent, the process and the tools used to cut lapidus granite are no more sophisticated than those used for cutting other hard materials. You can use a circular saw blade polished diamond tip, but you have more control, and you can cut corners with an angle grinder. Lubricating the cutting water keeps the dust down, protects the blade and prevents cracking stone.

Stylish Lapidus Granite
Stylish Lapidus Granite

Cut a lapidus granite Countertop, Set the granite that you are cut on a stable surface with the shiny side up. Lay painter’s tape along the approximate path of the line or cutting lines. If you are also cutting a hole for undercounted sink, place the tape around the perimeter of the sink. Equipping a heavy-duty angle grinder with a cutting blade concrete and brick diamond tipped April 1/2-inch. Fill a bucket with water and dip a sponge in water. Put on a pair of goggles and protective gloves in preparation for cutting. Squeeze water from the sponge in the cut and start cutting with angle grinder. Carefully guide the tool along the line, cutting deep enough to mark the surface.

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Stylish Lapidus Granite
Stylish Lapidus Granite Countertop
Simple Lapidus Granite
Simple Lapidus Granite Countertop
Nice Lapidus Granite Countertop
Lapidus Granite Photo
Lapidus Granite Design
Lapidus Granite Countertop
Lapidus Granite Countertop Style
Lapidus Granite Countertop Design
Amazing Lapidus Granite Countertop

Water Squeeze liberally in lapidus granite as the second pass is made. If the tape begins to pile up or peel, you can remove it.  Cut all the way through the counter on the third pass. Continue to lubricate the cut by squeezing water on the hob with a sponge. Support cutting off an easel or an assistant before reaching the end of the cut to avoid breaking off and falling. Lift the cutting out away from the counter when the cut ends. Replace the blade with sandpaper 100-sand drum and cutting edges for cleaning.

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