Design a House around Black Granite Countertops and White Cabinets

Nov 14th

Black granite – The design of a house around a kitchen decor in black and white and it works well with contrasting colors. Use crayons or watercolors to design the house colors. Although black counters and white cabinets dictate the kitchen space, create a nice background for great artistic talent throughout the house.

Original Black Granite
Original Black Granite

Select floor covering material first. Choose white vinyl flooring or light oak, for example. Draw the kitchen space and color on the floor with crayons. Design a finished floor light to create a more neutral appearance. Plan to install black tiles, for example, emphasize the black granite counters. Note that the soil material will determine much of the kitchen decor for a long period of time. Obtain books home design accent colors for the house.

Original Black Granite
New Black Granite Design
Modern Black Granite
Black Granite Style
Black Granite Image
Best Black Granite

Decide how formal the decoration of the house will be before the end of cooking options.  Design furniture high quality appearance of the kitchen setting. Use heavy wooden beds and dark walnut cabinets throughout the house, for example. Note that high-end black granite kitchen countertops established a more masculine theme.  Rules of practice of yin and yang. Make the house seems suitable for both men and women by installing the right combination of masculine and feminine touches in furniture and accessories.

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