Frosted Glass Doors for Kitchen Cabinets

Nov 13th

To clean frosted glass doors to look Shiny, his tip is to use special cleaning liquid glass. Use a sponge or a glass cleaning tool from the rubber. Clean the glass by rubbing glass two directions perpendicular to each other. This prevents dirt scars left on each end of the rubbing direction.

Frosted Glass Doors with Writing
Frosted Glass Doors with Writing

To remove scratches thin on frosted glass doors, use toothpaste. Apply toothpaste on the scratched area and rub a cloth or sponge. After that, clean the entire surface of the glass. We recommend that you clean the glass on a cloudy day or when the sun is not shining directly. If the air is too hot, then there will be the possibility of scratches traces of cleanser that instantly dries.

Frosted Glass Doors with Writing
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Use a fluffy brush to remove dust and dirt in the corners frosted glass doors. For polishing the glass, rub the glass with a cotton cloth or white paper. Rub until the glass sparkling like crystal. If not promptly cleaned, the stain on the glass, good glass on doors and windows will harden and become difficult to remove. Before that happens, here are some steps that can be listened to. First, use cleaner alternative. For example the glass cleaner, a solution of white vinegar or dishwashing liquid and hot water with a ratio balanced. If liquid dishwashing results in scratches on the glass, reduce the use of liquids.



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