Ideas for Install Bathtub Glass Doors

Jan 5th

Bathtub glass doors often are fabulous additions to a bathroom. Installing glass doors of the tub is a project of home improvement straight forward that can really add a great new look to your bathroom, and the average do-it-yourself will be able to complete this project in just a hours. Once you have purchased your new kit glass cockpit door, the installation will be a fun project, with the help of a friend, will go quickly and smoothly. Measure your bathtub. This means measuring all lengths, height and width. Most bathtubs are a standard size, but it’s still a great idea to measure just to make sure that buying a new set glass door that matches the size of your bathtub.  Clean the entire tub thoroughly with soap, water and a brush, and give enough to completely dry before starting the installation process time.

Stylish Bathtub Glass Doors
Stylish Bathtub Glass Doors

Install the bottom rail of the bathtub glass doors set bathtub. First, run a sealing line along which the lower track is placed. Make sure you’re sticking attachment to the bath before continuing. Measure the distance between the screw holes in the side tracks of the Bathtub Glass Doors kit and then drilling holes in the sides of the tub corresponding to the holes in the side tracks.

Stylish Bathtub Glass Doors
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Popular Bathtub Glass Doors Design
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New Bathtub Glass Doors Design
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Amazing Bathtub Glass Doors Design

Set the top track on top of the two side tracks that you just installed. Hang up the doors leading to the upper track, ensuring that the rollers fit well and are able to easily slide the door open and closed. Finally, install the door handles following the instructions in the kits. Apply caulk around all the edges of the tracks to ensure that water does not leak from the sides of the bathtub glass doors.

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Tags: New Bathtub Glass Doors, Popular Bathtub Glass Doors, Modern Bathtub Glass Doors

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