Install Sapphire Blue Granite Countertops in Restroom           

Jan 4th

Sapphire blue granite – Granite countertops can make a great addition to any bathroom design. One of the benefits of using granite in your toilet is the ability of low-mount or attaches a sink to the bottom of the stone. This provides a clean appearance and the ability to push waste from the counter directly into the sink without obstructing the rim and catch the debris. Basins are relatively light and can be attached to granite with silicone adhesive. No clips or screws are required.

Top Sapphire Blue Granite
Top Sapphire Blue Granite

Turn the sapphire blue granite top face down on a flat surface. Clean the bottom of the granite cutting surrounding the sink with a dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris that could interfere with the installation of the sink. Place the sink rim down at the bottom of the granite countertop and the line evenly with the four sides of the sapphire blue granite. Draw a line around the perimeter of the sink with a grease pencil to mark the location.

Top Sapphire Blue Granite
Stylish Sapphire Blue Granite Countertop
Simple Sapphire Blue Granite Countertop
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Sapphire Blue Granite Image
Sapphire Blue Granite Countertop
Sapphire Blue Granite Countertop Picture
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Sapphire Blue Granite Countertop Image
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Modern Sapphire Blue Granite Countertop
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Remove the granite sink and set it aside. Squeeze a thin line of adhesive silicone caulk between the edge of the sink opening and grease pencil line on the granite. The weight of the basin will compress the adhesive; a thin line in the center of the edge region is sufficient. Align the edge of the pool with grease pencil mark on the granite and lower into place. Press firmly on each side of the sink to adhere firmly. Let dry the sink in place in sapphire blue granite overnight before installing the vanity top vanity.

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