Make a Triple Bunk Bed

Dec 17th

Triple bunk bed – double bunk beds are useful when it comes to saving space in a smaller room. However, sometimes two is simply not enough. Triple bunk beds are similar in structure to double bunks and fit in anywhere with a standard ceiling height of 8 feet. The biggest loss, when construction of triple bunks, is headroom for each bed. Each berth is unusually close to the one above it, and could pose a problem if an adult needs to sleep there.

Triple Bunk Bed Wood Cappuccino
Triple Bunk Bed Wood Cappuccino

Sand all edges of the wood to remove splinters or rough spots. Support two 2-by-4-by-75-inch boards on the horizontal surface, side 2 inches resting on the work surface. Place two 2-for-4-by-34-inch boards vertically at each end. Place a table 1 by 1 inch on the bottom inside of each side 75 inches in bed frames piece. Center timber, leaving 1 inch at each end. Fasten with wood screws every 3 inches.

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Triple Bunk Bed Wood Cappuccino
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Place a table 84 inch flat screen in the work surface. Apply a bead of wood glue to a narrow outer edge of the board. Place a triple bunk bed frame, with plate 1-by-1 towards the bottom, on the floor in the room will stay. Place one leg in each of the outer corners and hold in place with clamps. Place a 1-by-2-by-34 inches horizontally taco at each end of the frame. Place the taco within the frame so that the widest edge of the strips is based on tables 1-for-1.

Measure from the top of the triple bunk bed frame installed up to 36 inches and makes a mark on each leg. Measure from the top of the bunk average 36 inches and make a mark on each leg. Measure 15 inches above the bottom bunk. Make a mark on the legs in this measurement. Install a plate of 2-by-6-by-34 inches across the outside of the frame at the narrow end. Sand, paint and stain if you wish.

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