Quad Bunk Beds vs Angle Beds

Jan 16th

Quad bunk beds – Four bunk beds runs from side to side one of the walls. This distribution online is the best option in long, narrow bedroom floor. The work was done berth as to maximize space. It has exceptional length – 4.70 m- unthinkable in standard models. The bases for mattresses are suspended and embedded in the wall; auctions, stairs and guardrails are pinewood. The beds were placed to the right of the entrance, to facilitate passage; to the left, a closet was located, and in front of the window, a desk.

Wooden Quad Bunk Beds
Wooden Quad Bunk Beds

Different with quad bunk beds, angle beds with custom furniture are more flexible. Take advantage of a bedroom almost square is possible with two beds angled and furniture as dual use. With the distribution raised here, each brother has privacy because the beds are separate by a piece of furniture made to measure. As shown in the drawing, this unit serves as the headboard, nightstand and low wall. These were place in the far zone of the door and the cabinet, in the setback wall. Anna Mercadé decoration Domenech, La Cabana d’Aran. That two among design of four bunk bed. Where you want to have quad bunk beds or angel bed with custom furniture?

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