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Dec 9th

Tiger wood flooring – There are several types of solid wood that can catch the eye like a tiger in brilliance. This is particularly striking, and the base color of the species vary from golden yellow color neutral Brown, darker, but what really makes Tiger wood flooring just solution for statement, lines were selected. Rich black striped dark brown creates a profound effect that makes this wood really like his name. If you have Tiger wood flooring has been laid, the result will be an awesome site.

Princess Bunk Bed Inspired
Princess Bunk Bed Inspired

Solid wood Tiger get their name from the forest of orange; walk through the wood grain that gives the appearance looks like a tiger. Tiger wood is derived from Latin America, especially from Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Wavy grain or overlapping species is erratic, and the media to Flash the boring, fine in texture. This tiger wood flooring very durable with high endurance against beetles. As an option, Tiger wood flooring is one of the best Woods to use permanent hard. Approximately 96% as hard as power, compared to many other hardwoods.

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Simple Tiger Wood Flooring
Luxury Tiger Wood Flooring
Ideas Tiger Wood Flooring
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Custom Tiger Wood Flooring
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Best Tiger Wood Flooring
Awesome Tiger Wood Flooring
Amazing Tiger Wood Flooring

Due to its unique beauty, and many top interior designers love to use this very distinctive exotic wood, they also produce stunning floor design them. Tiger wood flooring is also a very popular option is used for decking out. Hotel with exceptional resistance to weather damage and can withstand temperatures without warping. This is a great looking floor wood flooring and spectacular, and will make you the envy of many.

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